Spain – Scientific Team

Dr Mercedes Fernández

Mercedes holds a Ph. D in Economics and is Associate Professor of Economics, Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance at Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid School of Engineering. In 2000, she starts researching at the University Institute of Studies on Migrations, of which she became director in early 2012. Her research focuses on economic and statistical analysis of immigrant integration (especially labor market) and on migration and development. She has conducted more than twenty research projects funded by public and private, domestic and international organizations and has published extensively on integration of immigrant groups and on co-development.

Juan Iglesias

Juan is researcher at the International Migration Institute at Universidad P. Comillas of Madrid since 2005. He was awarded with a postgraduate degree in Development Economics from the Department of International Economics and development of UCM. He holds a PhD in Sociology from the UCM. His main areas of interest are sociology of development and contemporary international migration. He has been visiting professor of Latin American Centre, ST Antony’s College at University of Oxford and the School of Social Work at Boston College.

Dr María José Castaño

Maria holds a PhD in International Migration and Cooperation for Development. She earned her bachelor degree in Law and Licentiate Degree in Business Administration and Management by the Comillas Pontifical University (ICADE) of Madrid. She is a researcher at Institute for Migration Studies of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas of Madrid, where she is also responsible for the academic coordination of the Master’s Degree in International Migration and the Master´s Degree in International Migration and Cooperation for Development.  She is a member of the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Immigration and Asylum of the Law Faculty of Law at the Comillas University. Her main lines of research are in the field of immigration law, EU asylum and human trafficking.