Poland – Scientific Team

Agnieszka Mikulska-Jolles, project coordinator

Agnieszka received her MA degree in ethnology and cultural anthropology from the Warsaw University, works as Head of the Integration and Minority Rights Programme at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. She is a researcher and author of publications concerning the issue of racism, discrimination and minority rights, including reports and expertise for international organisations and institutions. She was the manager of the Polish Nation Focal in the Raxen Network established by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia/EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. She served as an expert in the Network of socio-economic experts in the field of anti-discrimination providing analyses of country situation and national policies for the European Commission.

Marta Górczyńska, reaseacher

Marta is human rights lawyer at the Legal Assistance to Refugees and Migrants Program in the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Poland. Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Lazarski University in Warsaw and completed post-graduate studies in the area of international law. She is the author and co-author of many publications, researcher and trainer in the migration field. She has conducted legal research for the United Nations and the European Commission, on the application of EU legal acts in Poland.