Bulgaria – Scientific Team

Dr Maria Yordanova, Director, Law Program

Dr. Maria Yordanova joined the Center for the Study of Democracy in the late 1998 and has since directed the CSD Law Program. She has led the Center’s law drafting efforts aimed at approximation of Bulgarian legislation to acquis communautaire and modernising judiciary, as well at establishing and supporting contacts between the Bulgarian legal community and government agencies. Other areas of Dr. Yordanova’sspecialisation include promotion of the EU standards in human rights protection through introduction of the ombudsman institution in Bulgaria and development of the legal and strategic framework of anti-corruption for Bulgaria, including regional cooperation. She has coordinated a number of projects in the area of human rights, justice, liberty and security, several research initiatives to improve prison conditions and rights of victims of crimes, as well as studies on public confidence in the criminal justice system. Since 2008, she is the Center’s representative in the Fundamental Rights Platform of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency and in the period 2008-2012 – Member of the Board of Advisors of International Development Law Organization (IDLO). She is also Member of the Advisory Group to the Asia-Europe Foundation’s Asia-Europe Democratization and Justice Series.

Maria Doichinova, Analyst, Law Program

Maria Doichinova collects and analyses data within the initiatives and projects of the Centre in the field of human rights and in particular monitoring and combating racism and discrimination, as well as the situation of prisoners in Bulgaria. She has also taken part in the efforts to introduce electronic tools for criminal cases management andher research focus includes various aspects of judicial reform. She has published on the situation of vulnerable groups and on drug policy and drug legislation in South East Europe. By 2007, she was a documentalist at the Information Centre of the Council of Europe where she provided information about its activities and about the European Court of Human Rights. Maria is responsible for the preparation of the Center’s publications. She previously worked as a technical editor and a journalist at AII Data Processing.

Galina Sapundjieva, Program Assistant, Law Program

Galina Sapundjieva supports the activities of the Law Program, including organisation of events, maintaining the Law Program projects and contacts database, preparing project documentation, maintaining the Program’s Internet profileand editing of publications. She has participated in identifying NGOs in relation to developing the capacity of civil society for monitoring in the field of justice, freedom and security. She has supported the introduction and strengthening of the ombudsman institution on national and local level in Bulgaria. She is also taking part in the efforts for introducing e-tools for criminal cases management.