The team

The project is led by the following experts and supported by an extensive team, the profiles of which you are welcome to access below, presented by partner organisation

Xenophon Contiades is the Scientific Director of the Centre for European Constitutional Law – Themistocles & Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation (CECL); Professor of Public Law at the Panteion University. He is a lawyer before the Supreme Court of Athens since 1992.

His research areas include constitutional law, fundamental rights and especially social rights, European integration, Better Regulation and public administration and judicial reform. As Professor and Scientific Director of the CECL since 1995, he has rich academic and research experience in areas relating to international and European legal and institutional framework, law and justice structures, the organization and function of public administration, and has participated as coordinator, research leader or expert in an extensive number of consultative and research projects in Greece and abroad.

He is Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute for European Constitutional Sciences (Hagen-Germany), Member of the Association of Hellenic Constitutionalists and has served as Vice-President of the European Institute of Social Security (2008-2011) and as Member of the National Committee for Human Rights (2000-2006).

He has authored a number of monographs in the area of public law and social law and a large number of academic articles. He is member of several scientific and consultative organizations.

Isabella Meier is a research fellow at the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy. She holds a doctorate degree in sociology from the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz. She previously was a research fellow at the University of Graz, at the Institute for Economics and at the Medical University of Graz, Institute for Social Medicine and Epidemiology. In her positions she has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in qualitative and quantitative methods of empirical research. She is a social expert for qualitative fieldwork research at the Austrian National Focal Point of the Fundamental Rights Agency. Her main research interests are fundamental rights, social welfare and elderly care, gender studies, public health and indicator based measuring of the implementation of human rights. Dr. Meier was involved in numerous national and international research projects, including the FP7 project FRAME.

Prof. Dr. Valeria Pulignano joined CESO (Centre for Sociological Research) in 2005 as Professor in sociology of work and industrial relations and is an Associate Fellow at the Industrial Relations Research Unit (IRRU), Warwick University (UK), where she worked as a lecturer (tenure track) from 2000 to 2005. She is also co-researcher at the prestigious “Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work” (CRIMT) at the University of Montréal and the University of Laval (Canada).She is Co-president ESA (European Sociological Association) Network RN 17 “Work, Employment and Industrial Relations” and member of the LERA (American Industrial Relations Association) Scoville Award Committee.

Pulignano’s research interests include comparative European employment (industrial) relations and labour markets, European economic and political integration, social dialogue and collective bargaining, employee participation and systems of representation, trade union organisation, multinational companies, labour flexibility, employment security, social inequality in labour markets and restructuring.

Miriana Ilcheva works on the Law Program’s key projects, related to criminal justice and fundamental rights. She has worked on the needs assessment for indicators of public confidence in justice and on cybercrime as a form of ‘new European’ crime within projects under the Seventh Framework Programme. In 2008-2011 she took an active part in drafting the report on the legislation, policies, practices and approaches of EU Member States related to victims of crimeand in preparing factsheets on the rights of victims of crime in EU Member States. Miriana Ilcheva participates in the efforts for introducing e-tools for management of criminal cases. She has researched and published on the role of NGOs in supporting vulnerable groups, on the protection of witnesses, on the rights of children victims of trafficking and on victims of domestic violence. Before joining CSD, she worked for the Criminal Law Reform Program in the Sofia office of the American Bar Association/Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative, where she contributed to the institutional capacity building of criminal justice authorities, as well as to various legislative working groups.

Prof. Nicos Trimikliniotis PhD is a multidisciplinary scholar with socio-legal expertise and considerable fieldwork research experience. He is currently an Associate Professor of Law and Sociology at the University of Nicosia, a registered barrister in England and Cyprus and Head of Research at Symfiliosi. He is a member of the British Socio-Legal Studies Association and has over 10 years of experience as scientific director in EU-funded research projects, including two consecutive RAXEN teams (2003-2010), the FRALEX project (2007-2010), three DG Research Framework Programs, two PROGRESS programs, three ERF programs, two DAPHNE programs and several nationally funded projects. He has served or is currently serving as the national expert for Cyprus in six EU level expert networks in the fields of immigration, integration and anti-discrimination. He has acted as an advisor to the Ministry of Interior during the Cypriot Presidency of the European Council (July-December 2012), chairing the Ministry’s Integration Conference and drafting the Concept Note and Background/Discussion Paper and delivering expert papers at two more Presidency conferences. He is consulted by delegations of the Council of Europe and particularly of the Council’s Committees such as ECRI, the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention, the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human beings (GRETA), the Committee on the Framework Convention on National Minorities and others. His work is often cited in the Country Reports on Cyprus drawn up by these Committees.

Martin Jaigma, Phd, is a senior analyst in the Institute of Baltic Studies. He has experience working in different EU projects also in a number of other European research institutions, mainly in the field of human rights, gender equality and ethnic minorities. His academic credentials in European history and national/religious minorities have been earned in Estonia, Hungary and Slovenia. A native from Estonia, Martin has been residing in Slovenia for the last 12 years.

Graduated in European Union and French law, as well as in political sciences, Maria is a lawyer admitted to the Paris Bar. She has been working with IFDL since 2011, being in charge of legal studies for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights and European Institute for Gender Equality.

Wolfgang Bosswick holds a university degree in sociology; he studied sociology, social anthropology, economics, psychology and Latin American studies at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. Between 1989 and 1993 he was involved as a researcher in the project Asylum as a Relationship of Otherness at the Centre of Social Sciences Research, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Wolfgang Bosswick is co-founder and has been managing director of the efms since 1993. Since then he has coordinated and carried out numerous quantitative and qualitative research projects in the field of integration and integration policies/measures as well as asylum and migration.

Since 2007 he has been research director of the European research group of the CLIP Network (Cities for Local Integration Policies), and 2004 he was appointed member of the Training Committee and the Financial Committee of the IMISCOE European Network of Excellence. He worked as consultant for the Guide on Intercultural Competences published by the Council of Europe, and for the LINET programme of IOM Brussels.

Maria Omodeo is a sinologist and she has been working in Cospe since 1991, dealing with issues related to the human rights of the children, with a specific focus on the promotion of the intercultural dialogue, the plurilinguism since the early age and antiracism. She is currently Cospe policy adviser for the promotion of Interculturalism, Multilingualism, and Equal Opportunity for Access to Formal and Informal Education.

Gregor Walz works as research team leader, project manager and researcher at Art.1, the Dutch knowledge centre on discrimination. He has a background in sociology, European studies and trans-Atlantic relations and has worked in a number of qualitative research and policy-related consultancy project in the area of discrimination, fundamental rights and diversity. Gregor is lead expert and project leader for the project On the Move.

Marta works as Project Coordinator and Research Officer in the Legal Assistance for Refugees and Migrants Programme at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. She coordinates legal aid and integration projects addressing the needs of migrants and refugees and provides trainings on migration-related issues and intercultural communication to public officials and law enforcement officers. She is also involved in international research projects, including country of origin research, migration policy, asylum, migrant integration and social cohesion, irregular migration and statelessness. She has provided expertise to the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, European Network on Statelessness and the Nordic Council of Ministers as well as authored and co-edited articles and books on human rights, migration, integration and multiculturalism. Prior to joining the HFHR she gained experience with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Polish Red Cross and Amnesty International. She studied Psychology at the University of Warsaw and Université Paris X Nanterre and is currently a PhD candidate in Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Ana Cardoso is a sociologist and a senior researcher at CESIS (Centre for Studies for Social Intervention). She has over 20 years of professional experience in issues related to the fields of poverty and social inclusion, both related to research and action research projects, at national and international level.

Adrian Moraru is the Deputy Director of Institute for Public Policy (IPP), a Romanian think-tank specialized in monitoring the enforcement of public policies at central and local level in the fields of anticorruption/conflict of interests, public administration reform, antidiscrimination and human rights.

Engineer by profession, Adrian Moraru has analytical skills, coordinating the Institute’s activity in drafting and monitoring reports related to important reforms in Romania, such as electoral reform, anticorruption/conflict of interests, transparency and good governance. He is one of the most respected analysts providing to the media objective commentaries on political developments in Romania.

He has wide experience in coordinating research teams participating in comparative evaluations involving mainly recent EU member countries, scrutinizing topics such as labour migration, antidiscrimination institutional set up, youth participation in elections.

He is frequently invited in seminars held by public and private universities, as he has been actively participating in various projects aiming at stimulating youth participation.

Raquel Caro is Professor of Industrial Organisation Department in Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers-ICAI at Comillas Pontificial University of Madrid (UPComillas), Spain. She received a PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from UPComillas (ICADE) in 1999. Her major research interests lie in the areas of applications of statistics to economic and finances, mathematical modeling, education for sustainability and migrations. She is researcher at International Migration Institute at UPComillas of Madrid since 2013. She has coordinated the Work Group on the new Spanish migration and has published extensively on statistics.

Senior Lecturer and LLM Director for Legislative Studies at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London. PhD in European Studies; MPhil in Government.